Who are we?

We’re Experts At Turning Traffic Into Customers

So you want to know who we are?

Well, here’s our story. Buckle up…or not…I mean it’s a decent story but not inspiring or anything like Karate Kid…

We are a ‘boutique agency’, which is just a fancy-schmancy way to say we only do very specific things for very a very specific clientele.

The things we do are E-mail and SMS marketing.

The clientele we do it for is 6-8 figure e-commerce stores running on Shopify.

Our Head of Strategy, Khaled, is an e-commerce expert who has worked with multiple hyper-growth DTC brands in North America such as Hush Blankets (you may recognize them from Dragon’s Den), Domio Sports, Rydelo Bikes.

Our Head of Design, Sahar, is a branding expert who has worked with high-profile and rapidly growing b2c brands such as Planta, Thigh Society and Pizza Forno.

Interestingly, neither of them started their careers as marketers. Sahar was a cosmetic chemist. Khaled, a statistician.

Both of them broke into marketing early in their careers and quickly rose through the ranks, implementing strategy and managing execution of projects aimed at increasing revenue as fast as possible.

Then, something changed in 2020…

The companies they worked with all faced the similar challenges when it came to scaling. They all primarily relied on driving traffic to their websites and acquiring new users through Google and Facebook ads. But the rapidly rising costs of advertising made scaling extremely hard.

You see, from 2013 to 2019, scaling was simple. As long as your margins were greater than your CAC, you could just pour more fuel into your advertising bonfire and *rocket* to the *moon*

But not anymore. Since the pandemic struck, more and more retail players started moving online and increasing their budgets for advertising. That, coupled with changes implemented by Apple and Firefox regarding tracking and cookies meant simply relying on ads was no longer a viable growth strategy.

Acquiring customers profitably from the get-go was no longer possible.

The game had changed, forever. And new games require new rules. Or sometimes, just falling back on rules forgotten.

Email marketing is an old staple, but it’s been overshadowed by newer and flashier marketing tactics that twist and bend their attribution to appear more effective than they actually are. Even though e-mail is still the highest ROI marketing channel. On average, spending $1 on e-mail marketing returns $40.

Khaled and Sahar spotted a trend in the market. As advertising costs rose, more and business started re-discovering the value of e-mails. Unfortunately, everyone had the same basic e-mail tactics going on, like an ‘abandoned cart’ flow and the ridiculous habit of blasting a discount to ALL subscribers once a month. DTC brands can do a lot better.

Emails should be personalized. They should match the user’s stage in the customer journey. Not everyone who can click the ‘send’ button knows how to craft awesome e-mails.

Now, after launching Turning Traffic and growing to a team of 5, Khaled and Sahar are helping DTC brands on Shopify scale profitably by growing their email lists and monetizing it.

If you want to learn more about how they do what they do, book a call today.


Customer Review

Khaled and his team increased our profitability by 20% in the first month of engagement. Yes, profits, not revenue. I thought we already had a decent marketing setup, but Turning Traffic took the game to a whole new level. Not only are we making more money now, but our customers and subscribers are having a much more rewarding experience too.

Bart Lipski

CEO, Domio Sports